Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

We exist to help people take their next step toward Jesus.

Our Core Values

Our values determine how we do things and bring clarity to what matters most.


We will consistently seek creative inspirations from the Holy Spirit as we execute ministry in order to remain relevant and avoid complacency.


It doesn’t matter how talented we are, how smart we are, how great we think we are - if we can’t get along with each other we forfeit the anointing. The anointing within a church, team, environment, culture, or home flows from unity.


We will do the very best with what we have because this brings glory to God and it inspires people. Striving to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday.


We will make the best use of all resources God places in our hands to build His Kingdom.
And finally, we exist to be a church that equips churches to reproduce life giving churches.