Our Story

In June 2015 Bill and Krista Comai set out on a journey from The Journey Church in Fernandina Beach, FL to pioneer a campus in metro Detroit. The vision was to plant another life-giving church. They felt strongly that they needed to share not just their experience with Jesus but also their experience with a church that was ACTUALLY fun, enjoyable, and saw lives dramatically impacted by God…an extension of The Journey family of Churches.
In January 2021, Pastor Randy & Crystal Bragg were called up to lead the vision and mission forward at Journey LVNA. Bill and Krista Comai moved to their home town Pigeon, Michigan. Where they are currently carrying the gospel bi-vocationally and serving their community.

We exist to help people take their next step towards Jesus. We believe the church should always remain innovative in our approach to reaching people in our communities. We exist for people who don’t go to church, have given up on church, or have a burning desire to see more out of the local church. We invite you to join us!